Thursday December 14th 2017


Carey Price Goes “Yo Mama” on Twitter Twat

Love him or hate him, Carey Price is always good for a chuckle. We enjoyed his antics at the NHL All Star Draft Show [Read More]

Begin Drops Garbutt

Not much to his one, although how could I resist a chance to type Garbutt? Poor guy is going to be the victim of [Read More]

Vernon Fiddles with Lapierre

On the bright side, Max took his helmet off and struck a pose. He has the look down, now he just has to learn to fight. [Read More]



Hall of Shame

Brian O’Reilly enters the Hall O’Shame

This may be a little less rambling than that other manifesto of a few weeks back, but not by much. Ask yourself this – would you want the man behind this email coaching [Read More]

The Pimp Picks Winners

April 16th Picks

WINNERS FOR TODAY: Montreal, Washington, Ottawa, St Louis SEASON W/L RECORD: 154-100 [Read More]

April 15th Picks

WINNERS FOR TODAY: Montreal, Chicago, Columbus, Phoenix SEASON W/L RECORD: 152-98 [Read More]

April 13th Picks

WINNERS FOR TODAY: Vancouver, Islanders, Montreal, Washington, Edmonton SEASON W/L [Read More]


Karlsson Gets Stepped On

I don’t care what any of you internet tough guys say, that has to hurt like a sumbitch! Any NHL player not wearing Kevlar Socks is just being stupid. “Ooh, they [Read More]